Job Description:
To serve the vision of LifeChurch – Mundo de Fe by assisting with the planning, organization, and coordination of student activities and events. Also serving as the liaison for Resonate Youth team in answering and filtering all incoming phone call and email inquiries regarding the ministry to students at LifeChurch-Mundo de Fe.

• Christ-like, servant attitude
• Devoted to the call of God and the vision of LifeChurch-Mundo de Fe
• Love for people with a desire to impact them through the Gospel of Jesus
• Operates with a spirit of excellence
• Fun/enjoyable
• Loyal

Experience and Knowledge Required:
• Minimum of one year of administrative or support role
• Ability to quickly learn and excel in the use of technology, including Resonate Facebook and other social media platforms
• Experience in event planning
• Ability to handle multiple projects effectively
• Ability to build a team
• Ability to lead a team in completing projects
• Aptitude for learning and clearly communicating the vision and systems of LC-MDF
• Excellent verbal and interpersonal skills
• Proficiency in formal written communication
• Proven track record of effective time management
• Proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ProPresenter

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
• Assist in planning Resonate Youth initiatives.
• Ensure all supplies are prepared and ready for Resonate Wednesday nights.
• Prepare weekly lessons for small groups and distribute to small group leaders in advance
• Keep record of Resonate Youth attendance in small groups and events
• Coordinate planning, promotion, and registration for Resonate Youth special events
• Take notes in Resonate meetings and distribute them to all involved parties and volunteers
• Coordinate volunteer teams around Resonate Youth initiatives both before and during the event
• Organize supplies for and oversee Resonate Youth events
• Produce and maintain purchase orders for Resonate Youth.
• Process all Resonate Youth check requests, deposits, and orders
• Coordinate all facilities and events supply requests for Resonate Youth events
• Coordinate all transportation for Resonate Youth special events
• Archive all files including lessons, forms, handouts, flyers, trainings, powerpoints, etc.
• Help coordinate and plan student mission trips
• Update Resonate Youth social media and webpage regularly with up-to-date content
• Answer all phone calls for Resonate Youth, filtering them to the appropriate staff members
• Answer all emails for Resonate Youth, filtering them to the appropriate staff members
• Respond to emails and phone calls within 24-hour time frame

Other Duties and Responsibilities:
    •    Assist in the day to day administrative tasks
    •    Attend all Resonate Youth Wednesday nights and special events (camps, retreats, outings, etc)
    •    Recruit new Resonate Youth leaders
    •    Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Spanish

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